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Vladimir Marusevac
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Ayur Veda is the age-old "science of life." In Ayur Veda, health is the
state of perfect balance of all physical and mental functions.


An essential therapeutic approach in Ayur Veda consists of Panchakarma treatments, in which impurities are eliminated step-by-step from the body and the equilibrium of the physiology is reestablished. Panchakarma serves to prevent disease and to improve health. All treatments are carried out in silence and impart a deep relaxation to body and soul.

The Modern Equipment of the Clinic
A two-story house contains two therapy-rooms with treatment-table and steam-cabinet respectively, a therapy-preparation room, a bedroom for resting after treatments, two toilets with showers, and a dining room with adjoining kitchen (meals are prepared for you both at midday and in the evening).

Inexpensive Treatments of a High Quality
All our efforts are focused on providing you with first-class treatments at a low price. Various factors make this possible. The wages of the four therapists whom we have trained are much lower here in Croatia than in other countries. Since we do not belong to any organization, we are not obliged to pay licensing fees. This independence allows us to set prices in a fair and transparent manner.
No compromises were made in the therapeutic set-up; the best equipment and oils have been purchased. In order to enhance the effectiveness of all treatments, we use sesame- and olive-oil which is not only pure but has also been enriched with herbs. The limitation to a maximum of four clients per day allows us to work without haste and to respond fully to the needs of the individual client. It is possible to arrange a consultation with a doctor possessing many years’ experience, Dr. Inga Poje, a specialist for sport, acupuncture and Ayurvedic medicine.

Personal Philosophy
The experiences which my wife Snježana and I gathered during eight years’ work at Ayurvedic establishments in Switzerland (Seelisberg) and in Germany (Traben-Trarbach and Bad Ems) engendered in us the deeply-held wish of setting up our own clinic in which a healing atmosphere is maintained on all levels. The quintessence of this healthful approach is realized when two therapists lay their hands upon a receptive client. Since we EURow all too well how easily stress behind the scenes can be brought by therapists into the treatment room, we take care that all surrounding circumstances allow our young colleagues to work without hurry and strain and to retain their idealism. During the gentle massage of their four hands, a harmonious feeling and a loving attitude are transferred onto the client. We strive for a conscientious treatment in which our guests feel respected and sheltered.

Travel and Accommodations
The clinic is located in Pišćanovec, near Varaždinske Toplice, a spa with thermal springs where the ancient Romans found alleviation for rheumatism and skin diseases. Zagreb is only 60 km distant. We are happy to pick you up directly from the airport or train station. A seaside vacation (Rijeka is only 2 hours away) is particularly agreeable upon completing your Panchakarma cure.
You can select accommodations according to your own taste, from an inexpensive private room with individual toilet and shower all the way to a maximum of comfort at the Hotel Minerva. We are happy to offer advice and to make a booking for you.

Treatment Prices

Synchronous Whole-Body Oil Massages (performed simultaneously by two therapists)
Abhyanga (gentle massage)  
50,oo EUR
Vishesh (deep massage)  
50,oo EUR
Udvartana (tissue-activating massage)  
60,oo EUR
Pizzichilli (massage with flowing oil)  
110,oo EUR
Swedana (herbalized steam treatment)  
25,oo EUR
25,oo EUR
30,oo EUR
Shirodhara (flowing oil upon the forehead)  
35,oo EUR
Nasya (nose- and head-treatment)  
50,oo EUR
Netra-Tarpana (eye-treatment)  
25,oo EUR
Marma Treatments  
50,oo EUR
MEDICAL SUPERVISION (parallel to Pancha-Karma treatments)
First Consultation (ca. 60 Min.)  
50,oo EUR
Follow-Up Consultation (ca. 30 Min.)  
25,oo EUR
Follow-Up Consultation (ca. 60 Min.)  
50,oo EUR